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The Family Development Program’s Wemagination Resource Center provides high quality recycled materials in support of understanding the essential role of play for children’s optimal learning and development. The WE, as an educational resource center, features a showroom full of safe, recycled items, often factory extras that would have otherwise ended up in landfills. Varying from the one-of-a-kind to the ordinary, the collection includes foam punch-outs, caps from perfume bottles, beads, paper, and an array of other items in every imaginable color and shape, perfect for inspiring any child (or adult) to play. 

Based on the Family Development Program’s Watch Me Play/Watch Me Learn book series, learning workshops for parents and teachers promote play-based learning both inside homes and classrooms, as well as outdoors in the natural world. The Watch Me Play learning series explores early literacy, math, science, music and art through dynamic processes of engaged learning that expose adults to how children learn through play. The WE resource center adds value to the Family Development’s distinct approach for training, providing needed resources for teachers and families to actively engage young children as creative young learners. 

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Friends of the WE

It is with great excitement that Family Development Program announces the creation of a professional volunteer program at the Wemagination Resource Center. The “Friends of the WE” volunteer program offers community members ways to engage in opportunities to promote, enhance and expand programs that are available at the Center. Some of the ways our “Friends of the WE” can help Family Development to continue to support the education of young children are by offering your time and expertise in the follow areas & activities:

Educational Showroom, Warehouse Support, Public Awareness, Fundraising, Special Events, Community Outreach Specialist, Recycled Materials Locator, Administrative Support.

If interested in more information please contact us at 268-8580 and we will be happy to provide you with additional information!

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“When as educators we expect to make profound changes in our students’ lives, we haven’t the right to begin without their parents at our side.” - Dr. Maria Chavez, Founder

The Family Development Program (FDP) is a community-based outreach program of the University of New Mexico’s College of Education.


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