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boy looking in boxThe Family Development Program seized a national opportunity for New Mexico to become the first state to launch Mind in the Making, a groundbreaking initiative that harnesses a large body of research from neuroscience, developmental psychology, medicine and education for how young children learn and grow. We serve as a national leader for this comprehensive program on the science of early learning, working closely with the author Ellen Galinsky, President of the Families and Work Institute, to leverage Mind in the Making resources for statewide early childhood quality initiatives and systems change.

Mind in the Making’s Learning Modules for Educators and for understanding the Seven Essential Life Skills for Children’s Success provide foundational child development knowledge.  Mind in the Making supports other early learning curriculum promoting comprehensive understanding of how young children learn best. Both the Mind in the Making Learning Modules and Seven Essential Life Skills are offered as complementary facilitated learning series.  The Family Development Program also provides Mind in the Making Learning Facilitator Institutes to build local capacity for these initiatives.

Mind in the Making has been aligned with the New Mexico Early Learning Guidelines to help families and teachers guide children in developing capacities for lifelong learning and success. The Early Learning Modules for Educators are recognized as an equivalent for the 45-hour course required for early care and learning professionals, supporting goals set by the State of New Mexico’s Office of Child Development.  We have also worked with the New Mexico School Leadership Institute to design professional development for integrating Mind in the Making’s Seven Essential Skills as a strong early learning foundation for success in Common Core State Standards.

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“When as educators we expect to make profound changes in our students’ lives, we haven’t the right to begin without their parents at our side.” - Dr. Maria Chavez, Founder

The Family Development Program (FDP) is a community-based outreach program of the University of New Mexico’s College of Education.


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